Looking for selling? Cause they look for buying

June 2, 2011 1 Comment by Eric

How could we increase sales? Easy helping customers finding what they look for as almost search engines within e-commerce stores should do. It is much easier to go shopping to any physical store yet than finding what you look for in those millions of e-retailers.

When we get into an e-store, we need to find easily and quickly what we need, therefore we need to implement a powerful search engine to avoid customers click on close window icon and quit the site.

Let’s define the different types of tools needed on a search engine:

1. Automatic recognition

As we write on search box, the system recognize all letters we keep on introducing and automatically propose all results related with what we look for.

has an smart system that to bring us to the global place where the product is placed. BUT once we have all list of possible options we feel high difficult and spend much time trying to dig into hundreds of products.


2. Images

Adding to previous service, we would have less problems finding an item if at the same time we have an automatic search proposal we could see a thumbnail of each item. A watch retailer in UK who sells Toy Watch uses this smart view system.

3. Filters

As most of websites have hundreds of references they starting using filters to allow consumers to refine the results. These filters should be as many as customer need to find what he needs and as fast as the technology is able, since we are less patients every day.

The jewellery Goldsmiths gives a wide spectrum of possible filters as per importance:

Recipient, price, brands, movement, strap/bracelet…

4. Errors

An interesting software company (Fact-finder) has developed a system to detect typing errors when searching and propose different options based on their algorithms.

5. Priority

There is very complete search & filtering software company that allows to filter with all sort of parameters but also priorities each filter helping customer to refine their search on real time. Is fast, simple and quite complete. It also gives the company a feedback of what consumers are looking for and what was the reason of their purchase.

Here we can see an interesting video of CEO, Joshua Tabin explaining the software that I recommend to increase sales helping consumers finding what they need and fast.

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