How Important Is Video in e-commerce?

June 30, 2011 1 Comment by Eric

Retailers are realizing the usage of Video in their e-stores is bringing more benefits than headaches.

Video is one of the most used features in Internet and we can see how YouTube is increasing the users and became the 3rd website worldwide. In fact, you can see a Survey by and the conclusion was : “Video helps educate customers and gives more visual info on brand. It creates trust and builds a relationship”.

Also Smart Mobiles are increasing the video usage and this gives us another reason to get focused editing video information about our products.

Here I list some good reasons to start using video in your site:

1. More Product information drives conversion

Consumers are used to go to a shop on the street and see, touch and even use/try on the product they are interested. Therefore a video product gives much more details in less time than using lot of text and pictures, that is something we should also display

YouTube Preview Image

2. Increase confidence

The best way to make more realistic purchase through Internet is showing a much information as it is in real life at the shop.

3. Easier than before

There are so many not expensive good video cameras, we don’t need anymore high and expensive investment. Just a small studio, some youngsters and a video camera.
Here are some examples:

Zappos video product experience:
Asos, has even a catwalk for all fashion items.
The Watch Hut, having a cold but clear overview of the product.

4. SEO

SEO is getting more important due to so massive competitors on the net and Video indexing helps more than we think.

5. Sharing

Videos are far more likely to be passed and shared than text-based pages. Additionally, a video thumbnail on a social media platform — Facebook, for example — grabs more attention than static text and often results in more comments, more “Likes,” and more traffic to the brand’s website. When you like or share a video link, a thumbnail appears on your wall and is also seen by your friends.

According to a study from YouBrand, pictures and video within Facebook get engaged with and clicked more often than just text and questions.

6. Be one of firsts before is too late

A marketing rule says, be the first (Pioneer) to take advantage over your competitor. Most of medium and small companies do not have video, and biggest ones, just a few. Take a look at this stats.

Some Content extracted from Mashable.

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