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09 Nov

The most complete e-commerce tip list

Before getting into the tip list for the best e-commerce, we need to understand some very important points.

1         Introductory points:

1.1       Increasing internet usage

Both retailers and e-tailers, need to understand the impact of internet of their customers. Each day Internet usage is increasing either on PC and Mobile (smart phones & tablets). We are spending more time looking for information and sharing it.

1.2       What is more important selling or informing?

Any company need sales to exist. Selling is healthy, funny and benefits all of us, but if the aim is only selling, the company will not focus on helping consumers of new generation that need to get informed before purchase.

1.3       Consumers get informed before purchase

The majority of consumers need to get information about the product/service before purchase either being on internet or in a shop. Therefore, we should be at Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) and provide on the right time, the enough and correct information consumers they’re looking for. Once customer gets all details, reviews, opinions, saw pictures and videos, they will be much convinced to buy it.

01 Jul

Great grocery shopping idea !!!

Are you those who are too busy to go to supermarket to do grocery shopping?

Here you have a wonderful idea to avoid traffic to go to supermarket, time consuming selecting the products within hundreds of square meters, long queues for checking out and most important carrying it from store to home.

It is simple, clean, very cheap and comfortable for every one, either company and consumers. Just need space to stick all products and display them to make the grocery shopping using a smartphone and QR Codes (see more possible usage for QR Codes here).

YouTube Preview Image

Tesco (Homeplus) in Korea reached #1 position as supermarket thanks to some stickers (vinyl)  with all products in the most concurrent place (underground). All rushing Korean could do their grocery shopping with their smarphones and the QR Codes in each product. Of course home delivery would be the best part, don’t you think so?

30 Jun

How Important Is Video in e-commerce?

Retailers are realizing the usage of Video in their e-stores is bringing more benefits than headaches.

Video is one of the most used features in Internet and we can see how YouTube is increasing the users and became the 3rd website worldwide. In fact, you can see a Survey by and the conclusion was : “Video helps educate customers and gives more visual info on brand. It creates trust and builds a relationship”.

Also Smart Mobiles are increasing the video usage and this gives us another reason to get focused editing video information about our products.

Here I list some good reasons to start using video in your site:

1. More Product information drives conversion

Consumers are used to go to a shop on the street and see, touch and even use/try on the product they are interested. Therefore a video product gives much more details in less time than using lot of text and pictures, that is something we should also display

YouTube Preview Image


14 Jun

Retargeting brings your customers back to buy

Criteo retargeting brings your customers back to buy

More than 95% of website visitors leave before making a transaction.

Retargeted customers are 70% more likely to complete a sale.

Retargeting (also known as remarketing) allows you to find your previous website visitors across the Internet and display relevant banners to drive them back (retarget) to your website to complete their transaction. Bringing ready-to-buy users back to your website after they left should be a key part of your customer acquisition and conversion strategy. Criteo provides a breakthrough dynamic personalized retargeting solution that combines the ultimate personalization of retargeted banners with a pure pay-per-click (PPC) business model.

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14 Jun

Which e-commerce platform?

There are many open source e-commerce platforms in the market and my experience with 2 years ago using virtumart is that open source platforms are fine but for a standard e-stores even though it will need lots of amendments, plug ins, etc. These amendments will cost even more than a customized platform and give more headaches.

I honestly would pay -maybe some more money- for a customized platform from a marketing/software company to adapt all needs and have the most updated one, due to so many changes in this sector. Bememorable is an example as the started new and quite complete websites with an updated e-commerce platform that fit every needs.

Here there is a magnificent work listing all main ones written by Tom Walker in Tripwire Magazine

15 Open Source eCommerce Platforms

15 Open Source eCommerce Platforms

Whether you’re about to open your first online shop or you’re considering changing the ecommerce platform you’re currently using, you’ll find all the information you need below. We take a look at the 15 most popular eCommerce platforms, breaking each one down into its respective pros and cons. There is a wide choice available, so it’s vital that you do your research before choosing which one is right for you. Most share a basic set of functions, but offer a couple of unique features on top.

As well as offering a diverse range of features, ecommerce platforms are offered for a diverse range of prices. Many are free, while others can cost tens of thousands per year. Very generally speaking, those which you have to pay for not only offer the best support, they require the least programming knowledge to install and run. Take a look at the 15 below and select the one that’s right for you, your business and your customers.


02 Jun

Looking for selling? Cause they look for buying

How could we increase sales? Easy helping customers finding what they look for as almost search engines within e-commerce stores should do. It is much easier to go shopping to any physical store yet than finding what you look for in those millions of e-retailers.

When we get into an e-store, we need to find easily and quickly what we need, therefore we need to implement a powerful search engine to avoid customers click on close window icon and quit the site.

Let’s define the different types of tools needed on a search engine:

1. Automatic recognition

As we write on search box, the system recognize all letters we keep on introducing and automatically propose all results related with what we look for.

has an smart system that to bring us to the global place where the product is placed. BUT once we have all list of possible options we feel high difficult and spend much time trying to dig into hundreds of products.



27 Apr

The potential of e-commerce, will be real soon?

We all love to buy and what’s more being at home, tranquilo.

The technology is getting e-commerce to such a sophisticated tool that each day and we will soon have a real experience.

Last year, Microsoft lunched with X-box a new system called kinect that recognize all body and facial movements, opening the possibilities to e-retailers to give more realism customers when purchasing. We will be able today to have a video conference with our friends, recommend anything we like on the web and even manipulate it. Be one of the companies willing to be as real as today’s techonoly allows, and jump into the next step of e-commerce. End users are expecting each day more realism.

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