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14 Jun

Which e-commerce platform?

There are many open source e-commerce platforms in the market and my experience with www.creatupulsera.com 2 years ago using virtumart is that open source platforms are fine but for a standard e-stores even though it will need lots of amendments, plug ins, etc. These amendments will cost even more than a customized platform and give more headaches.

I honestly would pay -maybe some more money- for a customized platform from a marketing/software company to adapt all needs and have the most updated one, due to so many changes in this sector. Bememorable is an example as the started new and quite complete websites with an updated e-commerce platform that fit every needs.

Here there is a magnificent work listing all main ones written by Tom Walker in Tripwire Magazine

15 Open Source eCommerce Platforms

15 Open Source eCommerce Platforms

Whether you’re about to open your first online shop or you’re considering changing the ecommerce platform you’re currently using, you’ll find all the information you need below. We take a look at the 15 most popular eCommerce platforms, breaking each one down into its respective pros and cons. There is a wide choice available, so it’s vital that you do your research before choosing which one is right for you. Most share a basic set of functions, but offer a couple of unique features on top.

As well as offering a diverse range of features, ecommerce platforms are offered for a diverse range of prices. Many are free, while others can cost tens of thousands per year. Very generally speaking, those which you have to pay for not only offer the best support, they require the least programming knowledge to install and run. Take a look at the 15 below and select the one that’s right for you, your business and your customers.