Tag: Prepaid cards

09 Nov

Prepaid cards, good for loyalty program

All companies and over all e-commerce sites should think about this new trend of Prepaid cards.

  • Users can only spend the amount that is loaded onto the card
  • A prepaid card can’t go into debt
  • There are no interest charges or APR
  • A prepaid card is not linked to a bank account or credit card details

E-commerce companies could use the Prepaid cards as they are safer and convenient to be used by anyone without the need of a bank account and credit conditions. Shop online is much more secure. It also a help for companies to do marketing using them as Youth Cards, Gift Cards, Incentives, Rewards and VIP/Loyalty Cards.

Many companies have to sell products without discount and this system could be used as an alternative discount (cash back).

These cards also enhance brand awareness since they can be fully branded.
Another application is for increasing gaming customers. This market is getting higher online and many countries do not allow using Credit Cards, then one possible solution is Prepaid Cards ;o)